Meet AppleFun Designer

Meet AppleFun’s chief designer Diana. She is 6 years old driving force behind the game. Family, where one member is a professional artist and animator, second – software developer, is made for projects like that. Diana loves computer games, especially puzzles and educational ones.

Once upon a time she was going through list of games in App Store and kept thinking that none of games offered there were up to her tastes. She took a pencil and drew the sketch and wire frame with dynamics of the game she would want to play on iPhone. When two other members looked into the draft, they were amazed by how detailed  and logical game looked  on paper. That’s how it all started.

Here’s one of the first sketches:

AppleFunSketch1 AppleFunSketch2 AppleFunSketch3

Right, third sketch is where Diana and her dad were discussing animation of monkeys. That includes some elements of trigonometry. Pretty amazing for 6 years old, isn’t it?

Diana at work and just having fun

DSC07047s Diana-000436_sq

P.S. Don’t think that Diana has stopped working on new games after AppleFun. Creative minds never rest. ;)

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